Teenage Necromance

by Sunnydale High

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The new digital E.P. “Teenage Necromance” will be available April 2017. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Blasting Room.

The E.P. will include five songs including Welcome to Sunnydale as featured in our most recent video. The physical copy will only be available at live events.


released April 14, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Chris Beeble at the Blasting Room. Mastered by Jason Livermore.


all rights reserved



Sunnydale High Laramie, Wyoming

Sunnydale High is a post-punk band from Wyoming that does lots of cool, pretty and noisy music. The band features Seneca Flowers on guitar and vocals, Will Hebert on bass and vocals, Fran Thrax on Keys and Will Plumb on drums.

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Track Name: Welcome To Sunnydale
Fist cocked, and I’m ready to fight
He’s got a forked tongue, and he's ready to bite
It’s another weekend—Sunnydale High
It’s another weekend, ready to die

Anyway, I thought I left the demons behind
Yet, I see them before me staring at my eyes
And they come around again
Errors were made when I left the city lights
I thought I could start again, but here I am obliged.
And they come around again

Follow in line, step in time to ledge
As we march to the beat with vamps in the street while we can
Some things we just can't/won’t quit

Sepulcher dreams
There’s an Angel by my side
and the smell of dust as I take a second life
And they come around again.

I’ve got too much at stake.
Track Name: Doorways and Passages
See them walking down the street consumed by the masks they wear
He's the god of the new beginnings. It's the first day of the year
They say he has two faces, but I know there's so many more
because every mask I see is his face that they adorn.

But something like a dream, it's all just a charade-
A joke everyone falls for, a troubled masquerade.
They say he has two faces, but I know there’s so many more
because every mask I see is his face that they adorn.

These soldiers and vixens
Damsels and Demons
We'll keep on dancing as if we're the only ones
We'll keep on fighting as if we're the only ones
and we won't laugh about it
won't talk about it
won't even say it's fun

I know...
Track Name: SlaySorrow
Woke up in the trash today
Broken bottles and shattered yesterdays
Fumbling, can’t find the strength to speak
Can’t really do much of anything
Any way it goes, it’s down
I follow myself down

Patience going slowly
As if this world knows me
Even I don’t know who I am today
Except I’m my worst enemy
Any way it goes, it’s down
I follow myself down

Silver broken
I don’t know what I’ve done
Real me, fractured
I don’t know what I’ve done

Not a word is seeping through
Signal lost, I’m divided by two
But we will stand up and follow through
Track Name: You Look Amazing
Now, Now I’m coming back around
With a soul these days
Who knew, it was always you
green eyes and amber waves
Of hair, and I get lost in stare
At the moves you make
I try to forget you one more time
but you drive me insane

You see the demon inside of me
Has been taken away
Love, pain, a chorus, a refrain
From your callous feint

I’ve been trapped in several meanings
Ooh baby, baby won’t you lie to me
I’ve been so lost
Can I weigh you down?
Dance with me

You look amazing

You gave me a silver amulet
With a jewel encased
Tick, tock, a kiss, “I love you” and “goodbye.”
I said thanks anyway

Said I love you, and I know you don't but thank you anyway

I'd die one more, one more time just to keep you safe.

You look amazing B
Track Name: The Trigger
Early one morning as the sun was rising I heard a maid sing in the valley below
She said “Please, don’t leave me. Don’t ever deceive me. How could you use a maiden so.”

If you know me, I’m lying wide awake
It’s been a long day and it’s more than I can take
She says she knows me, I don’t even know myself
She said she trusts me. How could she trust me?

If you know me, you know what I’ve done
I’ve hurt so many girls. Left ‘em cold in empty ruins
She says she trusts me, I don’t even trust myself
She says she loves me, how could she love me?

Starless night, you answer me in curses
Endless time, alleyways and wordless

And the song keeps playing in my head. Taking me

Three months sober, and it doesn’t really matter
Once it’s over, it never matters to me
Three months hungry, I tried so hard to replace you
Every day, and now I can’t face you-me.

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