Just To Keep You Safe

by Sunnydale High

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Self-recorded and mixed March 16, 2014.
This is a Buffy themed e.p. with lyrics about the TV show as well as personal experiences. You do not have to like Buffy to enjoy the music or lyrical content. Screamy, noisy, catchy super fun time.


released March 19, 2014

Seneca Flowers: Guitar
Will Hebert: Bass
Madison Marquer: Drums



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Sunnydale High Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sunnydale High is a punk band from Wyoming inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and lots of cool, noisy music. The band features Seneca Flowers on guitar and vocals, Will Hebert on bass and Will Plumb on drums.

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Track Name: Buffy Goes to Sunnydale
Fist cocked and I’m ready to fight.
He’s got a forked tongue and ready to bite.
It’s another weekend—Sunnydale High
It’s another weekend--ready to die

Anyway, I thought I left my demons behind.
Yet, I see them before me glaring at my eyes.
They come ‘round again.

Errors were made, when I left the city lights.
I thought I could start again, but here I am obliged.
As they come around again.

Follow in line
Step in time to the ledge

March to the beat
with the vamps in the street all I can

Because some things we just can't quit

Sepulcher dreams.
There’s an Angel by my side.
The smell of dust
as I take a second life.
They come around again.

But I’ve got too much at stake.
Track Name: The First Time I Died
Can’t breathe, can’t speak
Nerves shot and a sinking feeling
You say my fate
Is sealed in books of yesterday.

Oh Pious Watcher
I don’t wanna fight.
I’m only 16
I don’t wanna die

So I quit. I resign
Please just tell me I’m fired
I didn’t want this curse
Do you think it will hurt?

Who’s next after me?
Will you the one who trains her?
Is there enough time
To say goodbye to family?

So I quit. I resign
Please just tell me I’ll be fine?
I didn’t want this curse
Do you think it will hurt?
Track Name: Thank You Anyway
Now, now I’m coming back around
With a soul these days
Who knew, it was always you
With green eyes and amber waves
Of hair, and I get lost and stare
At the moves you make

You see the demon inside of me
Has been taken away
Love, pain, a chorus, a refrain
By your callous feign

I’ve been trapped in severed meanings
Oh baby, baby won’t you lie to me
I’ve been so lost
Can I weigh you down
Oh baby, baby won't lie to me

You look so amazing
You are so amazing

You gave me a silver amulet
With a jewel encased,
Tick- tock, a kiss, a “love you” and “goodbye.”
I said, "Thanks anyway."

I die one more, one more time
just to keep you safe.
Track Name: To Tara, Love Willow
Smiling on the inside
Smiling on the outside
you‘re the warmth to my world

Shattered window, fallen dreams
And you look right at me
And ask me how I ruined my shirt

Oh life, don’t pass us by, we have some to give

Shadowed lintel cast down to glimpse
The door of want’s crux
Where pursed lips make the sound of wind, a whisper so soft
“Come to me” yeah
I’m letting go

We make the magic that makes women.
It stays and grows
Entwined hands and you lay languid…Please Tara don’t go
“Come to me” yeah
Letting go

Tears like seas for the magic girl
The girl I love
Tears like seas for the magic girl
The girl I lost
Shaking on the inside
Shaking on the outside
Frozen of eyes of doe

You're my only world
You're my only girl
Tara please don't go

Come to me…Yeah
Letting go

Ashes, lashes
we all fall down again